Customer Visitor Center

Highland Heights, Ohio

This 13,000 sq. ft. center consists of a spacious high-tech lobby, an orientation theater with a state of the art audio/visual system, demonstration rooms with virtual patient room windows, conference rooms with video conferencing, and an executive dining room.

The customer is taken through a very specific sequence.  The lobby is filled with Marconi marketing information that gives the visitor an overall background of Marconi beyond the Medical System business unit.  The customer is then taken into the orientation theater and is presented with a highly produced, short film of the Medical Systems business unit.  At the end of the film, LCD glass is activated changing from frosted glass to clear revealing the demonstration rooms beyond.  Here the customer is given a hands-on, product specific demonstration.  From there, the customer passes through the technology gallery and proceeds to one of the four conference rooms.

By using entertainment or the element of surprise, an opportunity is opened up to deliver a message with a lasting impression.